Aston Martin DB9 – Superlative 7.1L V12 Performance Stroker Motor Package


Superlative Autosport Performance 7.1L Stroker Package Upgrade for Aston Martin DB9 V12 allows you to have the power of a forced induction engine, without the poor reliability issues associated with such.

The ‘all motor’ 7.1L naturally aspirated stroker engine adds an extremely generous 1.1 litres of extra displacement into your OEM 6.0L V12 powerplant using state of the art motorsport inspired internal components and machining techniques, resulting in huge power available throughout the entire rev range.

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Superlative Autosport Performance 7.1L Stroker Motor Package Upgrade for Aston Martin DB9 V12 is highly considered the ultimate Aston Martin V12 performance upgrade on the market. Superlative Autosport engineers combined their knowledge of prior DBR9 spec engine building with countless development time spent on the R&D and testing a variety of configurations, Superlative Autosport now offer bespoke V12 stroker engine upgrades to Aston Martin V12 vehicle owners. Increasing the displacement to an incredible 7.1L means the performance of the normally aspirated V12 engine is dramatically improved over the factory configuration.

Using technologies found in previous Formula One engines, the Superlative Autosport stroker features upgraded forged pistons, H-Beam connecting rods and a fully bespoke billet crankshaft. Pairing these motorsport infused engine internals with the heavily modified Cosworth cylinder heads, a full exhaust system and a professionally recalibrated engine management software revision, provides the driver endless usable power when and whenever they need it.

The Superlative Autosport V12 Performance Stroker engine produces huge torque and horsepower gains over the OEM supplied 6.0L engine which allows the Aston Martin to have vastly improved 0-100 times and also improve the top end capabilities of the vehicle even further, way north of the 200mph mark.

A true normally aspirated enthusiasts dream performance upgrade – this really backs the statement ‘There’s no replacement, for displacement’.